Special Services of PF:

Due to its wide range of research work for the industry PF was from the very beginning asked to carry out special investigations in adjoining fields and where no specific consulting institutes were operating, e.g.

..... - chemical and physical engineering, meat and meat processing, heating systems, automatic rack-garage systems for cars,

- world-wide market studies (meat and dairy industry machinery),

- patent and licence assessment for private investors and at court,

- expertises at court in all kind of packaging affairs (permanent acknowledged status at Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Frankfurt/M.),

- assistance of merger banks in case of take-over, management buyout,

- time management, technical personnel consultancy (no head hunting),

- special consulting contracts in developing countries worldwide on behalf of German Govenrment, UNIDO and investment banks and private investors (Argentina, Brazil, India, Iran, Hungary, Kenya, Nicaragua, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Tunesia, Turkey).