Major consulting projects of PF since start in 1973:
Consultancy and through PF initiated studies grew parallel to development of materials, packaging and enduse market distribution systems and therefore the ranking below follows research areas and does not reflect the time schedule.

flexible packaging
... mono-layer plastic films for packaging, surface protection, anti-corrosion, capacitor
films, shrink film, labels, adhesive tapes, wrapping, Valèron- film, Alu-foil,

multi-layer films adhesive lamination versa coextrusion, high barrier structures, thin-layer applications (metallisation, SiOx, nano-composites,

packaging as heavy duty bag, big-bags, bag-in-box systems made from kraft paper, plastic films and woven tissue.
specialty plastics
bonding resins, Surlyn, Cellophane, EAA, EVA, PEN, thermoset plastics, COC/Topas, PAN/Barex, EVOH, MXD6, Tyvek.
rigid packaging containers
analyses of standard containers (glass, tins, aluminium, cardboard) versa highbarrier thermoformed cups, dishes, trays, bottles.
life cycle analyses (LCA)
expendable and returnable beverage containers (mineral water, carbonated drinks, juices)